Monday, February 28

Corselette & Choos

For those who may be confused by the title of this weeks episode, a corselette (I spell it the french way) is an all in one item containing a bra with a girdle. The girdle part you’ll have to Google as I’ll run out of room with all my clothing descriptions. Now the Choos part of the title refers to Jimmy Choos. Designer and purveyor of fine heels. Choos does not refer to trains. So, along with my seamed stockings, I’m not really wearing much.

Tuesday, January 18

Jim’s Return to LPG!

So the leather skirt, over knee boots and stockings definitely did it for Jim as he filmed me during part 1 and it was fun knowing I was going to get my husbands dick back in me and filming it for you all to see. You can tell by the way I suck and lick his dick all the way up and down that I just love savouring it. I’m always told that I look like I’m really enjoying everything I’m doing and I can honestly say that I am!

Wednesday, December 29

Happy New Year

As we say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022 there’s changes afoot at LarasPlayground. I’m in need of dick again and whose better to use than my husband Jim Slips? I decided to put on a leather skirt, nylon stockings (not seamed today) & some thigh high suede boots with a see through blouse. Kind of a kinky secretary theme I think. Jim seemed to like it very much and I hope you enjoy welcoming him back into the site as much as I did. Happy New Year to all our members, have a great 2022!

Wednesday, December 8

Nylon Encasement - Part 1

So a friend of mine gave me this jumpsuit and mentioned the words ‘nylon encasement’. Well I can tell you that I was totally ‘encased’ and loved the feeling of the soft, shiny, sheer nylon fabric. There are 3 bonus additions as well with the sheer bra underneath, the PVC thigh high boots and the 2 way zip which goes all the way underneath so both Jim, myself and my dildo can have easy access to my holes.

Tuesday, October 12

Butterfly Interlude

So I know I promised that there would be penises in all my scenes this year, but there was, of course, a problem and so I needed to make a solo scene. So I needed help of my rubber friend, who has a sucker on the bottom - which I thought would aid me in enjoying myself, but didn’t. In fact, if you have long legs like me, then you find it’s a long way down to the 12” dildo stuck to the floor and it didn’t help that it was super bendy too!

Monday, September 20

1950s Wife

Go back in time and you will find that during the 1950s, most women dressed every day in stockings and heels with a pretty dress over the top. They would be waiting patiently for you to come home after a hard days toiling at the office. You would enter your domain, pop your hat and coat on the hatstand and your pipe on the tray, enter the kitchen, pull up your wife’s dress and Rodger her senseless - her remaining fully clothed - and then when you’ve finished she’d smile coyly and leave your in your man cave for half an hour before presenting you with your 3 course meal.